MLM *SuperStars*

Who are the MLM *SuperStars* and why would I want to be one?

A very good question indeed my dear Holmes (as Dr Watson would say) so I will attempt to answer your question, without giving away too much of the farm.

Build Your Own Business with MLM *SuperStars*
Build Your Own Dreams with the MLM *SuperStars* Programme

You must apply to be an MLM *SuperStar*

Numbers will be limited this year, as I can only work with a few people while I’m building out the programme. Apply Early to be a pioneer.

Membership of the programme is Free to my downline and network.

MLM *SuperStars* programme provides network marketers with a unique marketing methodology with an integral, through, onboarding process for new recruits. These systems are designed to be easily duplicatable by your downline, thus eliminating one of the main hurdles to network building currently existing. This is unique to my downline.

In 2020, with the internet mature and available to the vast majority of people on Earth it seems incongruous that the network marketing industry is still using recruiting methods from the 1970’s, or earlier! No wonder there is a high failure rate, very low retention rates and very few distributors manage to recruit anyone into their downlines. Our role is to change that approach. By using modern marketing methods, on the internet, make it simple, and easily duplicatable, for anyone to grow their downlines, and build a successful network marketing business.

This is not a Get Rich Quick, Press a Button and Walk Away System!

Will you get rich? Maybe. Will it be quick? Maybe not, but possibly faster than you should. Will it require work? Yes of course, but much less than pitching your MLM to anybody with a pulse that “needs it”.

If you just love pitching your “opportunity” to your friends, family and random total strangers there’s absolutely no need for you to apply.

The systems are designed to be simple to understand, easy to operate and, most importantly, duplicatable, so that your downlines benefit too. Heck, I’m 66, and no tech geek, so if I can design and build out these systems for you and yours to use I’m sure that you can work it all out.

MLM *SuperStars* aim of marketing
The aim of MLM *SuperStar* Marketing…

What’s behind the curtain?

Without giving too much away you will find a smorgasbord of goodies laid out for your delight. The main highlights will be:-

  • Your own, proven, recruiting system.
  • A 21 day onboarding programme to get new recruits a fast start.
  • Product and systems trainings
  • Motivational trainings.
  • Personal Development ebooks, audios and videos.
  • Lead generation and give away marketing material.
  • Public Facebook Page and a Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Skype or Zoom team meetings & trainings

There may be more…. as I’m still building it all out…

If you have suggestions, or things you’d like included, tell me.

The programme will only be available in English initially. Members may translate their own version into any language as long as they make the translated version available to other members on request.

If you’re as exited about the future of network marketing as I am, and want to be in the best position to benefit yourself, your family and your downline I look forward to welcoming you as a MLM *SuperStar*.

To Your Success,

David James Salvidge is an MLM *SuperStar*
David James Salvidge
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